• Kike Ojo-Thompson headshot
    Interview with Kike Ojo-Thompson

    Voice speaks to anti-Black racism and equity edutor Kike Ojo-Thompson.

  • Woman holding sign
    Dare to be Powerful

    Toni Minichiello reflects on how transformative women’s mentorship programs n be.

  • Woman standing in street wearing face mask
    Creating a New Normal

    therine Oikawa considers the ways COVID-19 has impacted communities, and the feminist principles that help us chart a new way forward.

  • Child holding rock. Photo courtesy Tanya Leary
    Advice from Our Grandmothers

    Tanya C. Leary talks about how she n draw on a history of resilience to help chart her way forward and what legacies she wants to leave to her students.

  • Velvet singing and dancing with class
    Singing in Solidarity

    Velvet Lasse shows us how music n be a powerful tool for teaching social justice.

Students in classroom. Photo by Christine Cousins

Neeru Sekhon writes about creating a community-focused cultural hub and the power of the arts to create opportunities for self-representation and reflection.

Sharon Ethier

I am a product of ETFO’s women’s programs. In my first few years as an ETFO member, I had no idea of the journey of learning I was about to embark upon. Balancing a home and a reer was difficult and left little time for my own learning, but through networking and involvement in ETFO and its women’s programs, many of those barriers were removed.

By Sam Hammond

The 2019-2020 school year was one for the history books. We started the year bargaining with a Conservative government determined to make massive cuts to public edution and ended with a global pandemic and our members having to adjust to emergency distance learning over the course of just a couple of weeks.

By Sharon O’Halloran

The summer issue of Voice is always our Women’s Issue. It is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women members, to talk about the value and impact of mentorship and women’s programs and to acknowledge both how far we have come as an organization and an advote for social change, and how far we have yet to go.

By Izida Zorde

The summer issue of Voice is our Women’s Issue. It is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women’s programs and women members and to consider the contributions of intersectional feminist principles to our thinking and our social movements.


Teachers standing outside in the snow during strike
By ETFO Voice

ETFO edutors are in an unprecedented round of bargaining with a government intent on making drastic cuts to public edution.

Map of Ontario with change in student funding highlighted
By Erika Shaker and Rirdo Tranjan

Mapping Ontario School Board Funding Cuts.

ETFO FEEO representative at rally
By Lisa Mastrobuono

A positive outcome of the current provincial government’s first year in office has been increased public engagement by ETFO members around edution-related issues.